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We help individuals with little or no investment experience form a tailor-made financial plan designed to help them achieve their goals

A Custom-Made Portfolio. For Every Individual.

We analyze your financial situation, age, risk-aversion, goals and needs, and form a custom-made financial plan designed to help you achieve your goals. This is an iterative process that is updated once any personal circumstances change


Goal formation & Quantification

Based on your personal financial situation, age, risk-aversion, goals and needs, we form and quantify the optimal financial plan that will help you achieve your goals


Asset Allocation

We recommend you the optimal asset allocation that suits your needs combined with tactical drifts whenever it is suitable


Financial Product Allocation

We recommend you specific instruments that will help you achieve your goals and ideas that we believe will generate alpha in your portfolio

One Size Fits One

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

The problem with many funds is that their strategy may not be suitable for all investors. We are here for you to create a custom-made strategy that works for you.

Our Values

Tekmirion means proof in modern Greek. Each position we initiate and recommend to our clients is well documented and backed by research.

The three layers of the logo symbolize each of our values.

The mind

Transparency & creative ideas

We follow closely the markets and discover the best risk/reward ideas, while being transparent to clients on where their money is invested.

The face

Client oriented

We strive to listen our clients’ needs and form a portfolio tailor-made for them

The body

Strong foundations

We possess excellent academic qualifications and hands-on experience on financial markets 

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Our Mission

To help each individual around the world to form a financial plan and make the right decisions, where knowledge, honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness are the priority.

Our Advantages



Each client has his own account on his own name and can see in real-time the performance and positions in his portfolio

Low fees

We offer low, attractive fees compared to the competition. On top of it, our broker is one of the best value for money in the market.



We are a regulated entity by the Slovak National Bank (reg. no.: 266358)

No commitments

We don’t charge any exit fee. Our investments are highly liquid. In 1-2 business days you could liquidate all portfolio positions

Client Satisfaction


The Value Proposition

The ultimate goal of expert advice is to quickly optimize trade-offs and thus save you time, to reduce complexity and thus stress and to increase confidence in an intended plan of action

Optimize trade offs

Expert advice can help you rationally evaluate trade-offs and provide insight that comes from experience of having seen the same or similar situation many times before

Reduce complexity

In a world of abundant information, expert advice helps you highlight which information actually matters the most and take decisive action

Save time

Even if the client had the skills, time, and mental strength to make financial decisions, consulting an expert can help increase confidence and save time, so you can focus on things you like to do more


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